Friday, August 7, 2009

Date #1

So this guy a "Match Maker" calls me up from Oklahoma....

(Wait did he say he was from Oklahoma? How is a guy from Oklahoma suppose to match me "Personally")

Either way... he starts to tell me about his Match they have found for me....dark hair, tall, likes to be outdoors, hikes, works in Real Estate Investing, and several other items that I honestly don't remember.

You could totally tell on the phone..he didn't like his job and wasn't interested in being with me on the phone.

So he gives me her number and I give her a call! The date is set.... August 5Th at 11am at a little place downtown called the "The Cashew", wonderful place with great food and great atmosphere

9:31 AM - Text from Co-worker "Good Luck today!"

This is not some palm sweating, anxious minded activity, shoot this isn't even something I am excited about...Yet...there is this sense of wonder...what does she look like? What will it be like? I have never been a fan of blind dates...but one never know!

10:12 AM - I called my date to let her know that I was running behind at a construction site and would be a few min late...she said that would be fine.

10:20 AM - I am on the road and making my way there, time to pull out the map and see where this place is

11:11 AM - I arrive and park in the parking lot, it has a clear view of "The Cashew" from across the street. I call her to see if she was here, I see two Kansas Plates in the parking lot the rest are must be hers. Sure enough she is there and walks to a window, I see her!

11:?? AM - Time Stops.......... thoughts race through my mind........ my hart starts to race........ as I look in the window and see her walking I can't believe what I am seeing. Amazement, Awe, Shock, could this really be? Wow the dating service did a wonder....

11:?? AM - I walk across the street and she too is just standing there staring back at me. My mind was racing, what do I say? As I walk into the building I walk up to her and Introduce myself...Hi I'm Colby...she responds and we shake hands...

Waitress walk us to a High Table and we site and dive right into conversation.... several min go buy and the waitress comes back and asks if we are ready to order... I get a bowl of soup and she a quesadilla.

Silence.... I sit there and stare at her while she is off in thought and I am dumb founded. I would not have asked the girl out... EVER!!!!! Don't get me wrong..she isn't ugly by any means... just not my type

Talking to her was a joke...I mean come on, when I have to ask her if she wants to ask me any questions and all she says is "TELL ME EVERYTHING", my reply was "WELL WHEN I WAS ONE".... I just stoped at that point and started laughing. The waitress who was 10 years our senior was more talkative.

Thank goodness the food arrived or the entire ordeal would have been horrible

12:01 PM - I paid and was out the door

Attraction...please.... Lets just say that when I saw her through the window...I wanted to get back in my truck and leave. Don't get me wrong...she wasn't ugly...just not what I would have picked at all. Its like they lost the list of what I am looking for when they matched me and just wanted to find me someone so they could say they did there job

How do I rate this.... on a scale of 1-10, where 1 is not what I want and 10 is what I want...she is a "0"

Lets see if they do any better next time!


  1. Dating sucks. Blind dating sucks even more. At least you can say you've eliminated one more woman from the pool of potential future Mrs. Campbells.

  2. haha, colby. I l♥ve your blog. But I find it hard to believe that it'd be hard to communicate with you...or whatever. I find it hard to communicate with guys but you are easy going...

  3. COLBY! I was seriously cracking up when I read this. Why don't you just take ME out on a date?? Come on...I've got to be better than an unattractive lady that converses like pulling teeth :) Not to mention, you won't have to pay someone to hook us up. Ahh the joys of old friendships.

  4. Distance my friends play a major role as to why I am trying this service in the first place... Most of those I know live 1000 miles away that I would date. This way I get to know quality females without having to hit scenes I don't go to!

    At least if they can get the matches better...