Thursday, August 20, 2009

Now....They want to Hire ME!!!!

I feel like the Jeopardy song is playing in the background of my dating scene. Only they forgot to include me in the game!

So this week I had some really interesting developments.

No I did not have another date...darn. After the first one I can honestly tell you that I am not looking forward to it unless they can clean up a few things.

Either way...I was told by my Match Maker that if I didn't hear from them in a few days to call them, So I did.

Thursday: I call in the morning and had to leave a message for my Match Maker to call me back, they were busy at the time I called... Night fell and I started staring up at the stars, at least they winked back at me. Who knows maybe one of those stars will fall and will be the one I get to Rule The World with and will just lite up my life. call

Friday: Night falls again and I enjoy a wonderful Thunderstorm alone, each rain drop was music as it hit the various parts of my house...until it started hitting the floor in my living room. Still... no call

Monday: I go to work and send an email "I was told two weeks ago to follow up and every time I call I get told that you will call me back....I think my phone is broke as I haven't had a call back from you!"
Monday Afternoon: My Match Maker calls and is just laughing, she completely fell out of the chair when she read what I wrote to her. Then she drops a bomb....

Match Maker: Colby I was thinking, were you serious about offering to come in her and pick out your own match?

Colby: Yes if that is what it takes

Match Maker: What would you say to becoming a Match Maker and setting up other people?

Colby: Well I would be all for it, except that I have a job that I enjoy

Match Maker: We would only need you for a few hours at a time

Colby: I could do it in the mornings before I go to my other job, are you serious?

Match Maker: Yes, I would have to have it approved with Corporate, but you are exactly what we are looking for, and I think you would be perfect.

Colby: I live an hour away, so it would have to be well worth my time to come in for just a few hours a day

Match Maker: I think we can work that out, let me get a hold of Corporate and see what they say. We need help in this office badly as they have not been able to hire any qualified candidates for Match Makers.

Colby: Well find out and let me know, I am up for it as long as financially its worth the time

So far I have not heard from them, but who knows this could be fun. I would be able to pick my own date...and toy around with others as I match them up...

Match Maker-- Match Maker-- Make me a match....Find me a Find.... Catch me a Catch...
Match Maker-- Match Maker...Look through your book and make me a PERFECT MATCH!

Who knows if they pay enough I could move to the city and just rent out my place! I can see it now....What do you think about that ordeal?

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Man Vs Woman

Since I posted this blog about my dating experiences... a funny thing has happened....

I am getting replies from both men and women with very different feelings on how and what I am doing with the blog. This has caused me to smile, reflect and realize that...yes as we have all been taught


Its no science...what men find funny and what woman find funny are different. Nor is it any science that we see things differently... If you need help on this watch the following video

The whole reason I bring this I have had several emails from both parties stating that I was this or that, or that they loved this or that. The point being, I am not here to share anything but my point of view, as nice as possible, on the use of Dating Services.

Now as for the Dating Service....No calls yet, no matches yet and I even put in a call yesterday to see what was going on and they told me that they would call me back! They just didn't say when!!!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Date #1

So this guy a "Match Maker" calls me up from Oklahoma....

(Wait did he say he was from Oklahoma? How is a guy from Oklahoma suppose to match me "Personally")

Either way... he starts to tell me about his Match they have found for me....dark hair, tall, likes to be outdoors, hikes, works in Real Estate Investing, and several other items that I honestly don't remember.

You could totally tell on the phone..he didn't like his job and wasn't interested in being with me on the phone.

So he gives me her number and I give her a call! The date is set.... August 5Th at 11am at a little place downtown called the "The Cashew", wonderful place with great food and great atmosphere

9:31 AM - Text from Co-worker "Good Luck today!"

This is not some palm sweating, anxious minded activity, shoot this isn't even something I am excited about...Yet...there is this sense of wonder...what does she look like? What will it be like? I have never been a fan of blind dates...but one never know!

10:12 AM - I called my date to let her know that I was running behind at a construction site and would be a few min late...she said that would be fine.

10:20 AM - I am on the road and making my way there, time to pull out the map and see where this place is

11:11 AM - I arrive and park in the parking lot, it has a clear view of "The Cashew" from across the street. I call her to see if she was here, I see two Kansas Plates in the parking lot the rest are must be hers. Sure enough she is there and walks to a window, I see her!

11:?? AM - Time Stops.......... thoughts race through my mind........ my hart starts to race........ as I look in the window and see her walking I can't believe what I am seeing. Amazement, Awe, Shock, could this really be? Wow the dating service did a wonder....

11:?? AM - I walk across the street and she too is just standing there staring back at me. My mind was racing, what do I say? As I walk into the building I walk up to her and Introduce myself...Hi I'm Colby...she responds and we shake hands...

Waitress walk us to a High Table and we site and dive right into conversation.... several min go buy and the waitress comes back and asks if we are ready to order... I get a bowl of soup and she a quesadilla.

Silence.... I sit there and stare at her while she is off in thought and I am dumb founded. I would not have asked the girl out... EVER!!!!! Don't get me wrong..she isn't ugly by any means... just not my type

Talking to her was a joke...I mean come on, when I have to ask her if she wants to ask me any questions and all she says is "TELL ME EVERYTHING", my reply was "WELL WHEN I WAS ONE".... I just stoped at that point and started laughing. The waitress who was 10 years our senior was more talkative.

Thank goodness the food arrived or the entire ordeal would have been horrible

12:01 PM - I paid and was out the door

Attraction...please.... Lets just say that when I saw her through the window...I wanted to get back in my truck and leave. Don't get me wrong...she wasn't ugly...just not what I would have picked at all. Its like they lost the list of what I am looking for when they matched me and just wanted to find me someone so they could say they did there job

How do I rate this.... on a scale of 1-10, where 1 is not what I want and 10 is what I want...she is a "0"

Lets see if they do any better next time!

My try with a Dating Service...Outcome Pending

Hey Guys....

Who doesn't want to Fall In Love, have that Best Friend, that person you share your entire life with... That was my fact it still is... I have tried all the online dating services...the blind dates from friends, traveled all over the US to meet people only to see them in person and want to run...

Well Never again!!! I just wont do it, its a waste of my time so I gave up on dating and just said..Lord if I am to date you will have to show me a sign.

OK then several years ago my mother calls me up and says "Son I really think you should look into this" Well Mom never says anything like that unless there is a good know mothers intuition!

So I checked them out! I loved the concept...

  • Pay allot of money (which means the matches did too...should be more serious...Right?)
  • Personalized Matching rather than this computer matching on how I answer questions
  • more spending thousands on plane tickets, hotels, cars etc...
  • I can tell the company what my thoughts were of their match and they should improve the next I hoped!
  • I can give, gift, sell, "matches" to friends that I have left in my package
  • So much more....
Well they got me.... I forked over the crazy cash amount and in September of 2006 I began the "Dating Scene". Well needless to say the matches were nothing like what I wanted or would have picked and then...I never heard back from them, they wouldn't respond to my calls, email etc.. So I wrote the investment off as a LOVE LOSS

Then last week, I get a call from some dating service, not the one I signed up with and they wanted me to come in and see if they could do something with me. What they explained to me was just like what I had previously...PAY BIG MONEY FOR A WHO KNOWS WHAT SERVICE....

I told them I had already done that with another company in town...told them who...and turns out they bought out the company and that is how they got my information despite not telling me this and will uphold the contract I had with them...not counting the fact they were trying to sell me in the first place...

So I went In and met with them...same thing...fill out this form.... answer a few questions...and see what cost to me I already paid for the other service.

So why am I blogging this... my co-workers got a kick out of my little dating adventure and suggested I blog it and see what happens

So welcome to my DATING 101 ADVENTURE....

I am going to put up my experience with every match...its thoughts and...who success, laughter...and your entertainment.