Thursday, August 20, 2009

Now....They want to Hire ME!!!!

I feel like the Jeopardy song is playing in the background of my dating scene. Only they forgot to include me in the game!

So this week I had some really interesting developments.

No I did not have another date...darn. After the first one I can honestly tell you that I am not looking forward to it unless they can clean up a few things.

Either way...I was told by my Match Maker that if I didn't hear from them in a few days to call them, So I did.

Thursday: I call in the morning and had to leave a message for my Match Maker to call me back, they were busy at the time I called... Night fell and I started staring up at the stars, at least they winked back at me. Who knows maybe one of those stars will fall and will be the one I get to Rule The World with and will just lite up my life. call

Friday: Night falls again and I enjoy a wonderful Thunderstorm alone, each rain drop was music as it hit the various parts of my house...until it started hitting the floor in my living room. Still... no call

Monday: I go to work and send an email "I was told two weeks ago to follow up and every time I call I get told that you will call me back....I think my phone is broke as I haven't had a call back from you!"
Monday Afternoon: My Match Maker calls and is just laughing, she completely fell out of the chair when she read what I wrote to her. Then she drops a bomb....

Match Maker: Colby I was thinking, were you serious about offering to come in her and pick out your own match?

Colby: Yes if that is what it takes

Match Maker: What would you say to becoming a Match Maker and setting up other people?

Colby: Well I would be all for it, except that I have a job that I enjoy

Match Maker: We would only need you for a few hours at a time

Colby: I could do it in the mornings before I go to my other job, are you serious?

Match Maker: Yes, I would have to have it approved with Corporate, but you are exactly what we are looking for, and I think you would be perfect.

Colby: I live an hour away, so it would have to be well worth my time to come in for just a few hours a day

Match Maker: I think we can work that out, let me get a hold of Corporate and see what they say. We need help in this office badly as they have not been able to hire any qualified candidates for Match Makers.

Colby: Well find out and let me know, I am up for it as long as financially its worth the time

So far I have not heard from them, but who knows this could be fun. I would be able to pick my own date...and toy around with others as I match them up...

Match Maker-- Match Maker-- Make me a match....Find me a Find.... Catch me a Catch...
Match Maker-- Match Maker...Look through your book and make me a PERFECT MATCH!

Who knows if they pay enough I could move to the city and just rent out my place! I can see it now....What do you think about that ordeal?